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  • TITLE: The First Law Trilogy
  • AUTHOR: Joe Abercrombie



Review to follow . . .

Well, maybe.

This is a dark, gutsy read, and certainly worthy of praise from a Noir fan such as myself. It takes the Heroic Fantasy of kings and knights and court antics and slops it in the viscera of everyday grunts killing an' dyin' an' livin' in a Sword N Sorcery world with very little candy-coated shellac. It doesn't quite have the intense focus of Gentle's Ash, but it plays on a much broader field, developing personalities through all the social strata and various dispositions that defy easy categorization. If you like to see typical cliche wrappings stripped to the bone by characters upside down from their stereotypes, this is the read for you.



© copyright 04/07/2009 by Larry Crawford

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