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Chances are slim I'm gonna get back to this one for review. This also goes for the other two books using lead character Aud Torvingen, Stay (2002) and Always (2007). Readability drops as the trilogy of sorts marches to conclusion. Author Griffith has wisely stayed clear of the detective genre ever since.

The bunch make up a hell of a character study, but the plot loses its springiness as Aud continues to high dive off her emotional contrarieties while the action that stimulates it becomes more and more inert. I love Nicola's science fiction. Her Aud Torvingen series feels more like a cleansing.

But even a criticism like that doesn't take away from the pleasure and complexity of Aud Torvingen. She's a dreamy character: beautiful, smart, rich, a gourmet, extremely competent, an ex-cop and marital arts expert making her bad-ass, upper-end connected with a mother who's a Swedish diplomat, so sophisticated, so cosmopolitan she gets the important jobs like disassembling the art world to uncover the fakersphew! did I mention she's also a furniture-level woodworker? Or, that she fantasizes about killing people she meetsjust for the intellectual fun of it. There is no doubt this girl can bring home the stoats an' fry 'em up in the pan.

I know the emotional crises are supposed to rise in importance above the reality of the situations. They do. Just too much so. But then, I'm guy wired, being a guy an' all.

But that doesn't stop me from wanting to be Aud Torvingen.


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