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Okay, I got through the vanilla-flavored scenes of domiciliary dreariness in the McMansion life. I even continued on as Neuter-Guy hubby sits on the toilet to take a piss so he won't wake his wife. The predictable jump between the legs of a sexy neighbor and intro into the orgy club Penumbra—means “the shadow zone between light and darkness” (Leisure Books PBO, ISBN 0843957948, c.2006, p.196)—was acceptable, even the Overshadow's skull fucking—literally!—was a digested snicker. I resigned to the obligatory Slaughter of the Innocents scene—offstage, BTW—even attached some hope when an unlikable, meddling character is tossed into the chewfest—also offstage. But I balked when Neuter-Guy sucker-smacks some Hard-On strutting a wife beater's shirt in a bar named Deja Brew who—I'm assuming here—becomes the Overshadow's next Slurpee. Okay, Darkness Wakes has S&M sex going for it—“nightmarish combinations of marital aids . . . designed by the Marquis De Sade” (p.128)—but it's not exactly Greenleaf if you know what I mean.

By page 200, it just became weary and dreary. It felt like playing Slap Jack with a deck that had no facecards in it. And if jacks were clichés, this novel should have at least 50 inside. I mean, come on, these mouth breathers from milquetoast suburbia stand around a cabalistic circle and perform ritual sacrifice to a fiendish entity that rewards them with a brainfry mainlining of demonic-strength Quaaludes jetfueled with Ecstasy/Cocaine combos for some kinky gleaming to their sex lives. Where do ya think it's gonna go from there, huh?

Maybe Neuter-Guy goes domestic and gets his domineering but dead dad erected from the grave to help him ratpack his surly—I'm-quakin'-for-a-bakin'—teenaged son? And put some skank on it this time, okay Grampa?

Ooops, that already happened back on page 184.

Dead a 201 out of 321 pages.


© copyright 03/23/2009 by Larry Crawford

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