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  • TITLE: High Country
  • AUTHOR: William Wyman
  • AWARDS: Spur, for 1st novel & Best West

    Although this is one of the finest reads I've had in years, I don't think I'm up to review this one. I suggest you peruse the 10 (to date) comments on the above website hotlink to see how contagious praise is for this work. And, even after winning the prestigious Spur award for best first novel and best Novel of the West for this year, Wyman's heart-felt masterpiece remains relatively unknown.

    Maybe that's for the better. After all, what are the kudos worth from a culture that considers the accomplishments of Magic Johnson above that of Jerzy Kukuczka? Wyman talks from the quietly-disappearing world of the WWII veteran, the Dan Rathers of this civilization, or like a Will Rogers from a faded and scratched newsreel. It's not about pining for the Good Old Days, the Glory Days, or Simpler Times. It's about wanting to see things clean, fresh, and pure. And wash off the deceits of greed and selfishness that seem to accelerate along with society's advancement. Cynicism that's considered witty becomes trite next to the inherent Stoicism of Nature.



    © copyright 08/15/2006 by Larry Crawford

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