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  • TITLE: The Indifference of Heaven
  • AUTHOR: Gary A. Braunbeck
  • AWARDS: Bram Stoker Final Ballot


    This is Braunbeck's first novel after writing numerous short stories. It was published in 2000 as The Indifference of Heaven (Obsidian Press, ISBN 1891480057) in a small print run of 199 signed copies. Four years later, it was resurrected in paperback as In Silent Graves (Leisure, ISBN 0843953292).


    Braunbeck combines brutal, horrific events and incredible tenderness in his character's reactions.... So precious it's painful, so terrible it's glorious, this novel should not be missed .

    --Jenise Aminoff



    I think I did. Miss this one, I mean. It happens every now and then. I did give it a good try: half-way through I realized I was too vague with past facts and characters, so I started it again, only to drift off in the final pages of the novel.

    I don't know why this one passed through me without sticking. It has all the earmarks associated to my favorite demons. But instead of bleeding on about what I clearly don't understand, here are some reviewers who apparently did get impaled on this novel:





    The author's homepage is a good source of debate, too.


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