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  • TITLE: Lisey's Story
  • AUTHOR: Stephen King
  • AWARDS: shortlisted WFA & Stoker Award

    How many people do you know who quit a major Stephen King novel 13 pages from the end? Well, now you do. Yep. Couldn't quite make through the full 509 pages. I picked it up the next day to finish it off like the last donut in a Winchell's box, and, gulp, I just didn't have enough room for these characters any more. I realized after all the hours spent traveling with these people and listening to their stories, I hadn't really bonded with them, nor did I expect any astonishing gift of insight in farewell. I don't know. Maybe there's been too many tales about novelists and their problems, or maybe just too many Randall Flaggs, or George Starks, or Annie Wilkes.


    That's it, folks. That's my review of Lisey's Story. Dropping it that close to the last word incorporates what is great as much as what is dissatisfying about this work's literary merit. I believe in the pool at Boo'ya Moon, and I still love King's casts into those waters. It's just, this time, I was hoping to toss my net further from the shore, as


    Sometimes the really brave fisherfolk—the Austens , the Dostoevskys, the Faulkners —even launch boats and go out to where the big ones swim, but that pool is tricky. It's bigger than it looks, it's deeper than any man can tell, and it changes its aspect, especially after dark.

    —Scribner's, ISBN 0743289412, c.2006, p.224


    Lisey's Story is not “sleeping with the fishes” alongside Luca Brasi, but it's not bobbing with the Melvilles, the Poes, or the Dickens, either.

    Or maybe this book should have been in Scott Landon's glass-mangled hand when he says, “it's a bool, Lisey. . . And not just any bool, it's a blood-bool!” (p.114)

    A gift. A map. An invitation. A challenge.

    So, I gotta wonder, if it had been written by Richard Bachman, would I have recommended it for the deeper depths of the pool?

    Lotsa people disagree. Here's their thoughts:



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