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  • TITLE: lost boy lost girl
  • AUTHOR: Peter Straub
  • AWARDS: Best Novel Bram Stoker Award & ************Intl. Horror Guild; short-listed Br. ************Fantasy Award

    Everybody's raved about this novel. If not, they've at least reviewed it, so I don't feel terribly bad about skipping this one. In short, I found this story digestible, but certainly not a savored remembrance. Without substantiating any of this, I will say the whining, victimized brother was a bore and a detraction to the pace of the novel. The wonderment of the relationship between the lost boy and the lost girl got lost under the technical weight of the point-of-view shifts and linear time dishevelments. The house-within-a-house was, by far, the creepiest addition, but it became a belief suspender after awhile. But, most of all for me, I lost faith in the ghost story as remodeled in this modern horror tract.

    Oh well, other minds disagree . . .

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