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  • TITLE: No Country for Old Men
  • AUTHOR: Cormac McCarthy

    Toward the end of the novel, Sheriff Bell, McCarthy's 1st person mouthpiece, says, "all of [it] is signs and wonders but it don't tell you how it got that way. And it don't tell you nothing about how it's fixin to get, neither" (p.296). So, don't set up late waiting for answers, though there'll be a herd of questions. And, though the whining mystification starts grimacing around you like flies stuck in fairground cotton candy, the inculcated need for tidy closure bounds past genre fenceposts, past relationships of plot to action, and into a hazy plain of half-murmured dialogues between you, the book, and the ghosts of the West that, hopefully, pester you well after the dust has settled on the last page.

    More thoughts to follow . . . Maybe . . .


    © copyright 08/15/2006 by Larry Crawford

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