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  • TITLE: The Pilo Family Circus
  • AUTHOR: Will Elliott
  • GENRE: Urban Fantasy
  • AWARDS: Aussie's Golden Aurealis & Ditmar Awards



And he knew there are strange places in the world. It seemed to him the world was a carnival, and that we've all got a free ticket. And all shows get their curtain call. Eventually.



A trifecta of very disturbed clowns "audition" a sucker protag by scaring him into painting his chest with an upsidedown swastika and his back with a smiley face. He goes to the mall, takes off all his clothes, lights some firecrackers, then runs down the hallways with his "frantically wobbling penis" yelling, "it's a bomb! It's a Bomb!" This, of course, concludes with our hero in a "handcuffed walk of shame"(p.48) into custody.

But he passes the audition.

Next time the clowns come to visit, Jamieour victim herois zipped into a body bag and taken for a pummeling elevator ride. He arrives to the undergrounds of the Pilo Family Circusas bizarre and frightening as you can image with all the freaks and misfits you can countonly to learn his apprenticeship will be painful and humiliating, and maybe not even survivable. Because


"Nicer the man, meaner the clown."

Winston, p.103






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