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  • TITLE: The Vines
  • AUTHOR: Christopher Rice


What a perfect book to start off the Journey of Summer 2015; even the author is giving me a two-point send-off (it's the raised eyebrow that really scares me). So glad I bought his book.

He's the son of Anne Rice, you know.

And, after reaching my port o' call for the Summer Reads, I couldn't remember a single plot point or character of this novel. My JofS 2015 took it out of me, I guess. And, after seeing what the bark beetle has done to the NW forests' ecology, well, it made The Vines seem quite superfluous in view of this very real tragedy. Admittedly, the horror of The Vines are those pesky Southern past atrocities. And sometimes reality takes me over and I get all non-fictional on yer ass.

So, instead of reading this book, go watch Selma. Or, something about something that's important about doing something, like presently. Like HBO's Southern Rites.

Can't let go of horror, eh, mucker? Well, try these leafy got-yas:

Sheri Tepper's The Family Tree from 1998

Scott Smith's The Ruins from 2006






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