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  • TITLE: The Yellow Birds
  • AUTHOR: Kevin Powers


If you're looking for a "boots on the ground" kinda novel about Operation Iraqi Freedom, ferret elsewhere. Comparing to 'Nam novels, The Yellow Birds flys closer to O'Brien's Cacciato or Things They Carried than last year's battle tome, Matterhorn. Offhand, I can't think of any books from this Operation, or Operation New Dawn, or Operation Enduring Freedom, or even Operation Desert Storm, that aren't non-fiction opinion or journalism, memoir or a movie. I guess the Middle East war novel to emulate the likes of Webb's Fields of Fire hasn't been written yet.

Because, unfortunately, The Yellow Birds isn't it. I agree with the reviewer who said, “despite a heartrending denouement, [it] is a prisoner of its own overwrought lyricism.”(1)



© copyright10/27/2012 by Larry Crawford

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